2014 Family Safety Center Board of Directors

(Retired Major) Lynn Jones (2014 Chair)

Tulsa Police Department


Walter Evans, Chief of Police (2014 Vice-Chair)

University of Oklahoma – Tulsa


Jerod Stanton, Audit Manager (2014 Treasurer)

Grant Thornton, LLP

Ann Herndon-Cox PHR, Senior Recruiter (2014 Secretary)

WPX Energy

(Retired Judge) Deborah Shallcross, Attorney

Gable Gotwals

Norma Eagleton, Attorney

Eagleton, Eagleton & Harrison


Sharon King Davis, President & CEO

King Davis Investments

Ann Domin, Associate Director

Indian Nations Council of Governments (INCOG)

Deacon Turner II, Managing Partner

Bernstein Global Wealth Management

Gentner Drummond, Principal Attorney

Drummond Law

John Hickey, Attorney

Hall Estill

Brandon Brown, CFO

Ross Group


Cheryl Cohenour, Executive Manager/CEO

Cherokee Nation Businesses, Cherokee CRC LLC


Adam Lodge, Financial Advisor

Adam Hall – Wealth Advisors


Melissa Taylor, Vice President & Trust Officer

Trust Company of Oklahoma

Major Julie Harris

Tulsa Police Department

Family Safety Center Staff* 

Suzann Stewart, Executive Director

Darcy Melendez, Operations Manager 

Xio Raynor, Office Administrator






Chuck Jordan, Chief of Police, City of Tulsa
At Large Members
Commissioner Karen Keith, District 2, Tulsa County Commission
Honorable Mary Fitzgerald, 14th District Court
Honorable Tim Harris, District Attorney, Tulsa County
Stanley Glanz, Sheriff, Tulsa County Sheriff’s Office
Tracey Lyall, MSW, LSW, DVIS/Call Rape
Ray Hickman, Tulsa Metropolitan Ministry
Claudia Meiling, Retired Senior Volunteer Program
Felicia Collins-Correia, YWCA-Tulsa
Executive Director
Suzann M. Stewart